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Greeting by the President

Thank you for visiting our Website of Toshin Yusosen Co., Ltd.

Our company was established in 1937 as Toshin Yusosen Shokai Co., Ltd. marine transporting of petroleum product. As of 2011, we have been in business for 74 years.

Today, we have established a strong foundation in marine transporting petroleum products of gasoline, kerosene, diesel and naphtha over Japanese domestic water and offshore marine transportation of energy and chemical products in international water of Asian region

We are boldly challenging and vigorously expanding our activity on petroleum - chemical transportation; however, our priority is the safety. We are working hard to accord with our policy on safety and environmental measure which states "respecting the humanity, and engaging ourselves in the best way to secure and protect the safety of people, vessel and cargo and of global environment". We are persistently pursuing to gain your satisfaction on us. We sincerely look forward to doing business together.

April, 2011

Kimitaka Okawa, President & Representative Director